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Position Title:   STAR POINTS SERVER     
Departmental Title:    FOOD SERVICES DEPARTMENT   
Supervisor’s Title:  DINING ROOM SUPERVISOR  

To provide the highest degree of dining services to the residents of Star Points. 

Knowledge/Experience Requirements:

 1. A minimum elementary school education.

 2.   Previous experience helpful

 3. Will receive on-the-job training

Essential Functions:
 1.   To display a prompt, courteous and professional manner.

 2.   Sets dining room to include table layout, place setting and centerpiece. 

 3.   Cleans and maintain the dining room

 4.   Serves special dinners and other functions as assigned.

  5.   Complete all daily assigned tasks and cleaning duties.

 6. Portions all food items according to facility portion control policies.

 7.   Reports any unsafe working conditions to the proper authorities.

 8. Attends all mandatory in-services. 

 9. Maintains an open communication channel with supervisors, co-workers, residents, families, other facility employees, and the community at large. 

 10.   Flexibility for schedule and other duties assigned.

 11. Fill out comment cards and direct all concerns to Supervisor/manager.

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